Two EURUSD Trades +105 Pips Today 10/4/12

EURUSD Chart Forex EveryDayPips

If you’re familiar at all with you know that one of the beauties of this strategy is the true “Set Trade & Walk Away” nature of this forex strategy.  At a couple of pre-determined times you look for the EveryDayPips trade set-up on the EURUSD and you place the trade.  You can actually place in advance your exact exit as well — you can know the profit target even before the trade starts.

The we tell you to get away from the computer!  Walk away and do something else.  Sleep, eat, work, or whatever it is you need to do.  These trades take care of themselves from there.  The winning percentage has been very high so you know the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that when you check back you’re going to see something just like the below from today!


Then we came right back with a second trade today!



Yes, you can do this — go to and grab the system for yourself to catch tomorrow’s trade.


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