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A Step-by-Step Forex System for both Entries and Exits!

  • Predictable: 3 setups at 3 preset times that work no matter where you live

  • Profitable: Last 12 Months: 134 wins – 11 Losses +92.41% winning percent

  • 100% Mechanical: No subjectivity! No discretion

  • Simple to Learn: You can learn this system in MINUTES

  • No System Reqs:  Works on almost all platforms like MT4, Tradestation, Ninjatrader

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Manual Trading Systems vs. Forex Robots & EAs

The problem: You know the problem – If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced it several times over.

You’re stuck between choosing a manual trading system and a robot.Pros and Cons Forex Trading System and Robots

There are Pro’s and Con’s of each…

With a manual trading system, you don’t have to worry about any software ‘breaking’ – in general, they tend to be more reliable because YOU are the one that trades the markets (as opposed to a Robot which trades for you).

But often, manual trading systems are overly complicated with rules and conditions and settings up the yin-yang! A couple of years ago, I bought this one over-hyped trading system that it seemed everyone and their mother was using.Complicated Forex Trading System Rules

(Yea, yea, what can I say – alot of these guys that wind up in my inbox end up being better MARKETERS than system developers).

Big surprise when I got it home, opened up my 12lb box of dozens of CDs, DVDs, manuals, worksheets and online videos… went through the first couple of discs and then bam – life happened and I set it aside where it rests somewhere at the bottom of a desk drawer.Forex Trading System Stress

Who has the TIME to invest in hour after hour, week after week, month after month of just LEARNING the system – not to mention then trying to put all the pieces together to try to demo trade and then finally trade it live.

The entire process could take years.

And pardon my French but that’s B.S.! There’s no way I believe trading the markets has to be some long, drawn out process. There’s got to be a simpler way.

Forex Robot Arm with MoneyAnd maybe that’s what gets folks into these Forex Robots and EAs… and with it comes their own special brand of problems. Sure, Forex Robots are irresistible (again, a marketers DREAM) – they’re easy to install, plug & play and do all the work for you while you sit back, relax and go fishing.

Except it doesn’t quite work out like that, does it? Not in my reality in the half a dozen Forex Robots I’ve bought, at least.

What typically happens is that you buy it for the $97 (a piece of software that will allow me to make $1,000,000 in a week is just $97! what a deal… not at all suspicious either… doh!), install it and then a week later it either doesn’t do a damn thing OR the worse possible scenario… it has obliterated your account!No Money with Forex Robots

I know – how in the world could a $97 plugin that was sold like the second coming dare to wipe out your account when you responsibly loaded it onto your system, hooked it up to your life savings and walked away? How dare it.

Okay, I’m sorry for the sarcasm but I think you get my point. When you entrust your hard earned cash to cheap (and sometimes not so cheap) forex robot, you’re playing with fire.

The markets are finicky! Without the right combination of indicators and system rules, your system or your robot could stop working or sabotage your efforts leaving you out to dry (and try explaining that to your wife… again).

The Solution

I know I have this problem… I know alot of the folks out there have this problem. Just check out the unhappy traders out there on the forums like EliteTrader and Traders Laboratory. They’re chocked full of traders that can’t seem to find the happy medium between the two… and we’re left wondering – does it even exist?

Solve the Forex Problem Every Day PipsThis is exactly why I set to work seriously determined to come up with a solution to this massive, worldwide problem that seems specific to the ‘little guy’ retail trader. And here’s what I came up with after a full year of research & development…

Every Day Pips…

An 87%+ WINNING Forex System*

Using Indicators YOU ALREADY HAVE!

(MACD, Bollinger Band, and a Moving Average)


Check Out This Recent Chart Using Every Day Pips…


It’s called Every Day Pips and it’s an incredibly power Forex trading system that trades the most liquid currency pair with the tightest spread… the EURUSD.

Here’s how the system works:

The system gives you 3 preset times and 3 specific setups: Exact Buy, Sell or Stand Aside. You get exact targets and stop, including the ability to “Set and Forget” – place your trade, walk away, let the market do what it’s going to do.  Historically, that has meant nearly 90% of the time hitting profit target.

These 3 preset times are convenient regardless of where you live – Europe, US, Australasia – there’s AT LEAST one timeframe that will be ideal.1 2 3 Preset Forex Times Every Day Pips

Even better, the Every Day Pips Forex trading strategy takes under 5 minutes a day to place and manage trades. How much quicker and easier can it get? Even my 12 year old daughter understood the basic principles when I explained it to her!

This system is ideal for those that want to pick up some quick and clean results on the Forex market without the crazy time commitment (no more spending hours after hours learning and trading). We’ve got this down to a science!

Every Day Pips produces crisp, clean, simple movements on the EURUSD using just ONE (1) chart… simplicity is key.

Best of all, I figured out a way you can trade one of the timeframes or all THREE to triple your results potential. It all just depends on your skill level and schedule – trade one, trade two or all three. The choice is yours. Start out with just one and as you perfect your execution with the method, continue adding timeframes for padded wins.

As I mentioned before, Every Day Pips works on almost all charting platforms including MetaTrader4 (MT4), TradeStation, Ninjatrader, and any other platform that supports MACD (moving average convergence/divergence), Bollinger Bands, and Moving Average. Use a free platform like MT4 or use a more robust platform like TradeStation (or another platform). We’re not going to tie you to a specific platform.

Every Day Pips Charting Platform

Setup is super easy. BUT, I also went ahead and recorded a few Setup and Walk-Through videos on the more popular platforms to make it even easier. If you chart with MT4 or TradeStation, consider yourself in luck because I just posted a couple videos each taking you through the system on each one. More charting platform videos to follow…

Want to see an Every Day Pips system Equity Curve? Check out the last 12 months!

Every Day Pips Equity Curve

And in case you weren’t reading before – that’s 134 wins with 11 losses which averages a whopping  +92.41% winning percentage!!

HELLO! That’s insane. I could scarcely believe it when I saw it for my very eyes. Every Day Pips works… and it does so on a very consistent basis. Check out more results…


Yep, no matter what size your account is – you can use Every Day Pips to grow your account. Whether you trade with micros, minis or full size lots – this system will work with you and will grow with you as your account grows. No more buying system after system – just stick with one that works and continue to see the results pour in.Every Day Pips Hobbies Time for Golf

You can set ‘n forget! Go on with your life – re-engage in hobbies, work, play, other trading – these trades take the bare minimum amount of time with setup and management with just a few minutes a day. Why stare at a mind-numbing chart more than you have to? You’ve got a life, I’ve got a life… let’s go live it AND take advantage of the Forex markets.

And in case there was any question, Every Day Pips is IDEAL for even a newer trader. You do not need to have had years of ‘in the trenches’ experience to understand and trade Every Day Pips! Maybe you’ve been studying for a few months and can even paper trade (or demo/sim trade) – this system is going to take you to that next level.

Just remember to be responsible (we’ll give you some good risk guidelines) and FOLLOW THE TRAINING to the T. I can’t be responsible for any knuckleheads out there who over-leverage and don’t follow my system rules.

Put Your Feet Up Every Day PipsI did the work for you… do yourself a favor and take a load off. Just follow my directions, use your noggin and you should do extremely well with Every Day Pips.

If you’re using MT4, heads-up! Here are a couple of charts showing off the system using MetaTrader4. Check out the signal to Buy and to Short…

Every Day Pips on MT4 (Buy)

Every Day Pips Buy Trade Example Forex EURUSD

Every Day Pips on MT4 (Short)

Every Day Pips Short Trade Example Forex EURUSD

Attention Forex Trader…

As you may already know there are thousands of forex trading systems, ideas, and methods available on the internet that simply don’t work. If you haven’t yet discovered that then you will if you’re trying to profit trading Forex.

As someone who is involved in forex trading full-time, with 12 years’ experience, I have a good handle on what to look for in a trading system, but I also realize that most people don’t, and I can tell you first hand that I rarely come across systems that produce profitable results.   I understand how difficult it can be to sift through what seems like an infinite amount of junk information available on the internet trying to find what really works, not to mention the wasted time learning that unprofitable system…

I designed EveryDayPips to give ANY trader the potential for fast and easy Forex profits!  Using common indicators that you ALREADY HAVE, or can download for free, (MACD, Bollinger Band, and a Simple Moving Average) the EveryDayPips system will show you STEP-BY-STEP EXACTLY where to ENTER and EXIT (take profit and stop loss).  With over 87% profitable trades* this winning system makes it even easier to stick with the trading plan.

As soon as you download EveryDayPips  you’ll have the ability to trade a statistically PROFITABLE FOREX system* EVERY SINGLE DAY, starting NOW.

The Following charts will give you a better idea of just how effective the EveryDayPips forex system can be…

Every Day Pips 60 Day Guarantee

Get Ready! You’re Getting EVERYTHING Below When You Try Out My Forex Trading System That’s Averaging a +90% Win Rate!

  • The ENTIRE Every Day Pips Forex Trading System complete with Rules, Guidelines, Helpful Hints & Advice From Me, the Developer (and someone who ACTUALLY trades his system… refreshing, right?)

  • The EXACT SETTINGS to use for the MACD, Bollinger Band, and Simple Moving Average indicators that I’ve researched, tested and retested over and over again to get the MAX profit potential possible.

  • The EXACT TIME TO ENTER the trades and the EXACT PROFIT TARGETS and PROTECTIVE STOP LOSS LEVELS for three (3) times that work great for anyone whether you’re in the United States, Europe or Australasia

  • The Ability to Trade Just ONE (1)Target or Trade All Three (3) Depending On Your Skill and Comfort Level… so you can potentially TRIPLE Your Wins!

  • In-depth Setup & WalkThrough Videos for the most commons charting platforms including MetaTrader4 (MT4) and TradeStation. Setup is super easy regardless of which platform you use… but I want to make it even easier.

  • Legendary Support! Me and my Support Head Honcho, Will, are going to take care of you from start to finish. Whether you need help installing, getting your settings just right or need some advice on a special situation in the markets – we’re here for you.

  • A 60 Day No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee that says if you’re not happy for ANY REASON. Maybe you don’t quite ‘get it’ (though I’m always available for support), don’t have the time (even though it takes minutes per day), or just change your mind – you are covered. There’s no risk to try it out… and once you do, you’re going to be delighted.

(The Every Day Pips System is a downloadable guide packed full of powerful information, and explains the entire system.
Every Day Pips is NOT an automated “Robot” – it is a Forex system to trade manually)

By purchasing you state that you understand and AGREE to the Risk Disclosure
and Terms and Conditions.

As with any trading methodology losses can occur.

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*U.S. Government Required Disclaimer – Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and forex trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and forex markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or forex. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.


Although the equity curve on this page shows the period after the date the system was made available to the public all data including but not limited to the equity curve data is to be considered hypothetical.  The equity curve represents the trade on a 20 minute chart using bollinger band confirmation as outlined in the system.

See the full Risk Disclosure and Terms and Conditions.